Why Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound Pet Crematory and Cemeteries is a division of Elias, Kallal and Schaaf Funeral Homes. We are very proud of our long standing tradition and reputation in the surrounding community as being a leader in the industry while maintaining local family ownership.

Elias, Kallal and Schaaf has continued to carry on the same quality and dignified services at fair prices to thousands of families that our predecessors have done for over 100 years while working hard to become more environmentally conscious.

Top Reasons for working with Homeward Bound Pet Crematory and Cemetery and setting yourself apart from the competition:

1. Local family owned company

2. Company with strong reputation of excellent service in the industry

3. Environmentally safe cremation process

4. Lower cost cremation process

5. Ability to offer your families services other companies do not offer

6. We are available 24/7 365 days a year to answer immediate matters

Pet Loss Care and Alkaline Hydrolysis

In 2014 Homeward Bound Pet Crematory and Cemeteries, a division of Elias, Kallal and Schaaf Funeral Homes, became the first complete Pet Memorial Center in the Metro St. Louis Area to offer Alkaline Hydrolysis as part of an ongoing effort to provide the best possible service for grieving pet families.

Homeward Bound Pet Crematory and Cemeteries is concerned about the environment as well as the after care of your beloved companion.

Some of the immediate environmental benefits are:

1. Zero emissions of harmful greenhouse gasses.

2. 90% less energy consumption.

3. 1/10th of the carbon footprint than flame based cremation.

4. The water utilized is recycled back into the environment.

5. Up to 20% more of your beloved pet’s cremains are returned to the family.

6. It is simply the most responsible and gentle choice for your beloved pet.